Off to a rough start..

Well folks, we are not looking too great. My connecting flight to Hong Kong has officially been cancelled, my luggage has been lost, and I am now going on 26 hours of no sleep.

We were boarded on our flight that was scheduled to leave at 1:05 AM, just to have the flight attendants announce on the speaker 10 minutes later that they were going to de-board the plane.

Oh, what’s that you ask? Why did they kick everyone off the flight?

No Pilots.

Uhhhhh what????

Yep, you read that right. American charted a flight with NO PILOTS. I can’t even begin to label how big of a fail this is. The flight has been rescheduled for 4:00 PM the next day but by then I have already missed my connection. No Bueno.

Imagine if you will 300+ passengers scrambling to fix their flight itineraries.. Mayhem. I just happened to be on my phone watching Netflix when I got the message that they cancelled the flight, right before they announced it to everyone so I was fortunate to be 6th in line for itinerary changes. Let me tell you, it took them almost 2 hours to find me something. I would BE LIVID if I was the last person in that line from hell!

I do have to give it to the airline agents however, they did bust their asses off trying to please everyone. They passed out food and drink vouchers, as well as hotel and taxi ones too.

I would like to get at least a few hours of sleep but since they have yet to return my bag, looks like I am stuck at LAX for the time being.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and the starting of my mind going crazy, but I am not even that mad. I am still hopeful that everything is going to work itself out for the best. Gotta keep positive in a airport ran by asshats. I see a corner next to the luggage claim, going to see if I can get a few winks in. And hopefully by then, I’ll have my bags 🍀

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  1. OMG that’s crazy!! Damn you’ve been so unlucky with your flights lately.
    Hope they found your luggage and you will make it to your destination.

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