After a series of unfortunate events, I am finally back to good and ready to continue this trip. I am a little bummed I won’t be visiting Hong Kong again, but definitely interested in South Korea. (Even if it’s just a few minutes at the airport.)

But before then, I have an extended layover in LAX before my flight leaves, so let’s check out the KAL Lounge (Korean Air Lines). Located on the second floor of the Tom Bradley international terminal of LAX.

Quite the lovely lounge if you are searching for some peace and quite time away from the busy terminal. The lounge has quite the assortment of free snacks and drinks as you can see

As well as a nice area where you can sit back and chill until your flight leaves.

I wish I had more time to stay but unfortunately the lounge was only available to me as my flight started to board…. So I grabbed a couple of free beers and stashed them in my carry on like a real traveler🍺😎

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