Mekong Delta

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! (I couldn’t help myself lol). This morning we ventured south to the Mekong Delta.

Here we visited some local villages that produce local goods such as candy, coffee, fruits, rice, and other goods that they export to other countries. We even had the pleasure of listening to some of the locals playing some music

Here I am holding bees nest at a bee farm which produces honey and other goods such as skin care products from the honey as well. I though to myself, what the hell, let’s experience this and hold the nest. What’s the worst that can happen? How about getting stung in the neck for starters. Hahaha, it’s even funnier when I was told that they were “friendly bees” and not to worry! HA!

Hold a giant snake? Yeah! Why not!

Can’t really tell from the photo but inside the bottle is scorpions and snakes. They call it snake wine, and it could peel paint off a wall. Super strong stuff, needless to say I was pretty lit after 2 shots.

Yup! A snake in the snake wine bottle!

From there we got a personal boat ride down the river towards the restaurant we ate lunch at

Gotta keep this one short, headed to the next town! Ill make it up on the next post!

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