Ho Chi Minh Street Food Crawl

I knew coming into this trip that I absolutely had to try some of the street food that these countries had to offer and let me tell ya, they did not disappoint!

Not far from the street markets where you can buy your myself a fake pair of Yeezys for $30 was the street food market. There were about 20 or so vendors selling all kinds of deliciousness such as chicken, pork ribs, shrimp, and fried rice for ridiculous low prices.

I picked my self up TWO plates of pork ribs and rice, sooooo good! Super greasy and tender, just the way that it should be, well worth it!


  1. That’s one of the things I already miss from Taiwan! Super delicious cheap street food and most of the restaurants as well! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures sweet blog man!

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