Ta Prohm (Tree Temple)

After the visit to Angkor Wat we loaded into the van and made our way for a mile and a half to Ta Prohm, or more commonly known as the Tree Temple.

Originally constructed in the early 12th century as a temple to honor mother of the king, the temple was abandoned in the 15th century after the fall of the Khmer empire and neglected for several centuries as Mother Nature slowly retook the temple and surrounding land.

Once the decision was placed to restore the temples of Cambodia, it was decided the Ta Prohm would be left as it had been found (Minus the restoration to the temples foundations) thus the adopted nickname of “Tree Temple”.

One of Ta Prohm’s big claim to fame is being featured in the complete shit of a movie “Tomb Raider” starring Angelina Jolie. Although garbage, the visuals of the temple were greatly represented.

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