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I absolutely LOVE my morning coffee. I don’t think that there is anything more relaxing than sitting out on a deck in the early morning, watching the sunrise with a nice hot cup of coffee. It’s funny writing that out just now knowing that just a few short years ago, I absolutely hated the taste of coffee. I just couldn’t stomach it, and now I can’t go without it, HA! When I did decide to git it another chance, it was meant to be a substitution for those super high sugary energy drinks like Redbull or Monsters that are super unhealthy for you so it wasn’t too hard of an adjustment to start out with those tootie-fruity caramel coffee drinks that you would find at Starbucks. Eventually I got sick of those as well and started to adapt the way that I drink coffee now which is straight black. So when I was presented with the opportunity to try some white coffee while I was on my visit in Georgetown Malaysia, I jumped right on it. You gotta keep an open mind and try everything at least once when you travel right?

Here in Malaysia, they have white coffee which is margarine-roasted coffee beans that add some sweetness with a light color to your cup. The Coffee Tree Shop is a retailer of instant white coffee and chocolates located in Georgetown that depending on what flavor you choose, has a 3-in-1 mixture of coffee, sugar, and non-dairy creamer in it.


Once inside, I was surprised with how many different flavors of coffee/chocolates they had!

Coconut, cinnamon, lemon, machiato, tiramisu, ginseng, honey, charcoal roasted, banana, just about any flavor you can think of they had.

The way that the coffee shop is set up is that they have thermals of pre-made coffee made so that you can walk around and sample each flavor before you decide to buy some or not. Needless to say, once I sampled everything I was wired out of my mind!

The chocolate section was enormous as well, they has so many different types that you could sample as well!

After very long hours on buses and walking for what seemed to be miles, it was nice to get a break and enjoy some sweets. I bought a bag of my personal favorite, coconut white coffee, but ended up drinking it all within about a week. Yes, it was that good. Should’ve bought more!

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