Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre

Located in Pahnag Malaysia, the Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre is an elephant sanctuary and elephant relocation site. Established back in 1989 by the department of wildlife in Malaysia, the centre has been rescuing Asian elephants whose environment have been lost due to farming or land developments. The centres “Elephant Unit” is tasked with locating, subduing, and relocating elephants who are deemed to be at danger. Along with being a conservation centre, Kuala Gandah also raises awareness and education research for animal rescues around Asia.

Upon entering the centre, we were placed into a room and shown a 30 minute video of how the centre was established and its growing efforts to preserve the wildlife in Malaysia.

After the video introduction was completed, we were met by our local guide who would be escorting us around the ground to help explain in detail the different areas of the centre and its daily operations.

We were then brought to the main ground where the elephants are kept during the day. Here we were allowed to pet and for a small fee, purchase sugar cane to feed the elephants.

After about an hour of feeding, we were then taken to a lake that runs throughout the grounds to watch the grounds keepers wash the bigger elephants.

And right after, we washed the baby elephants!

Such a fun experience. It makes me happy to know that there are some good, loving, dedicated people in this world who want to preserve the wildlife on this planet. 🐘

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