Gardens by the Bay

Located in the south of Singapore and next to the massive Marina by the Bay hotel is the absolutely FANTASTIC Gardens by the Bay nature park. Built on 250 acres of land and spanning across 3 water front gardens (Marina South, Marina East, and Central Bay Garden), the grounds are designed to turn Singapore into a “City in a garden”.

I don’t even know where to begin when talking about how DOPE this place is… The three sections include lakes, waterways, dining and event spaces, cooled conversations, ariel bridges, and 165 ft “super trees” that are covered in plants and light up at night. The 3 main attractions that I enjoyed the most were The Flower dome, Super Tree Grove, and the Cloud Forest.

The Flower Dome is a cool dry conservatory that replicates the Mediterranean and African climate. The dome houses thousands of plants and flowers from all over the world

Outside of the Flower dome is the Super Tree Grove and OCBC Skyway. Here their are tree-like structures that measure from 82 ft to 160 ft tall and have real living plants and  a 72 ft high skyway above the grove. Each “Supertree” has multiple photovoltaic cells that harness solar energy to power the structures lighting as well as collect rainwater.

The OCBC Skyway connects two of the larger Supertrees so visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the grounds.

Next to the skyway and Flower Dome is the Cloud Forest, my personal favorite. Another cool dry conservatory that is taller than the Flower Dome but smaller in size, the Cloud Forest mimics moist tropical conditions typically found in southeast Asia and South America.

It also has an impressive 138 ft “Cloud Mountain” that you can ascend (Or use an elevator) to access a 115 ft waterfall.

And as the Flower Dome, there thousand of rare flora from around the world as well.

You could literally spend the entire day here on these gardens. I was here for almost 4 hours and explored maybe half of the Gardens of the Bay? Its incredible to see what $1.035 BILLION dollars can make. I highly recommend a visit if you are in Singapore, but recommend to wait until sunset-ish to go. That way you can see the grounds light up while the sun cascades in the skyline.


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