Din Tai Fung

Located inside of the Marina Bay Sands is The Shoppes shopping mall. Mostly filled with luxury shops such as Gucci, Prada, and Versace, the mall also has some high-end restaurants as well. Located on the bottom floor of that mall is Din Tai Fung’s, a Taiwanese restaurant that specializes in steamed dumplings.

When I approached the restaurant entrance, I noticed a window in the front that viewed into the main kitchen where some restaurant workers were making dumplings by hand. You gotta respect the craftsmanship behind a chefs dedication to make everything by hand.

Inside, I was seated quite quickly which was a very good thing because about 10 minutes later the restaurant was completely packed with a massive line out the door. Talk about good timing!

So I have to admit something… As much as I am an avid lover of Asian cuisine, I have never tried dumplings before. Yeah, I know, what the hell. Haha, don’t know how that happened. But was really eager to give them a try now that the opportunity was in front of me.

I wanted to try a few things besides dumplings so I ordered the chef recommended “Special Braised Beef Noodle soup with Beef Broth”, and lemme tell you, it did not disappoint. The beef was so tender that it fell apart when I grabbed them with my chop sticks. With the perfect combination of noodles and broth, this soup hit the spot.

Right after came the moment I was waiting for, my first crack at dumplings. On the menu, they offered so many different variety of dumpling stuffing such as crab, shrimp, pork, and chicken. Since I do have a shellfish allergy, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with the “Chicken Steamed Dumpling”. With a little bit of soy sauce to dip them in, they were SO GOOD. Who knew that noodle dough wrapped around some meat stuffing would taste fantastic? I still can’t believe that this was my first time eating them. I will now have to see if I can find a good restaurant that makes them back home!

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