InterContinental Singapore Hotel

After staying in hostels and home-stays for 23 nights, you have no idea how much was excited to sleep in a comfy bed! haha! Located in central Singapore is the InterContinental Singapore Hotel. This hotel was quite the upgrade from the places that I had previously stayed at. The courtyard at the entrance was quite large with a roundabout located in the center for pickups/drop-off. When I first arrived there was an Aston Martin DB9 parked by the entrance but I was too much in a rush to stop and take a picture.

Upon entering, the hotel had dedicated lines for status members (Which I am) so check in was very quick. The hotel concierge was SUPER polite and friendly. When I was checking in, I had a friend with me who they thought was staying in my room and gave us both free alcohol vouchers! Free beer?!?! Shit…. I’ll take it, thanks!

In the lobby near the elevators was the hotel restaurant Chikuyotei, which serves Japanese cuisine. Again, unfortunately I was pressed for time so I didn’t have the chance to check it out. But from the reviews that I read, it’s a pretty good (but pricey) restaurant.

Entering the room, I was quite impressed by the size of it for it being a non-suite.

Then I saw how BIG the bed was! I dropped my bags and face planted onto it! Soooo soft, with large pillows and warm blankets. Yup, in heaven.

The room even had its own work desk and lounge couch, nice touches.

And a flat screen TV to watch the World Cup while I am in that comfy bed.

The mini bar was very assorted with snacks, liquor, beer, drinks, and coffee.

When I walked into the bathroom I was sooo relived! The bathrooms for the previous hotels that I had stayed at the shower, sink, and toilet all together in a 5 X 10 room. You could shower, brush your teeth, and drop a deuce all at the same time. So you could understand why I was thrilled to see this. Not to mention a shower with good pressure and adjustable temperatures.

Very impressed with the InterContinental Singapore Hotel and their service I must say!

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