EVA Airlines Business Class Singapore – Taipei

After a few hours in the SilverKris Business Class Lounge, I started to make my way to my flight from Singapore to Taipei, Taiwan aboard a EVA AIR 777-300ER airplane in business class. This was my first time flying business class internationally so I was very eager/excited to try out this product. I’ve read/heard nothing but great things when it comes to EVA AIR so I know it won’t disappoint.

Once I got to my gate, there was already quite the line queue for boarding. Luckily for me, since I am flying business class I get priority boarding over everyone else.

Since I was actually the first one waiting in the business class line, I was the first one to board when they announced boarding! Pretty dope to not have to wait in line I must say! Once I reached the tunnel, I was greeted my a EVA AIR employee who glanced at my boarding pass and guided me to the business class entry to the airplane. An elite entry? Haha, fancy fancy! Once aboard, I was escorted to my seat by the business class flight attendant who already knew my first name just based off my seat number. I was a little but creeped out at first but once I thought about it, it all made sense haha.

I took a window seat on row 3 of the left side of the plane since I wanted to get some good views while in mid-flight. Once at my seat, I was super giddy when I saw where I was going to be for the next 4 1/2 hours!

I was quite impressed with the seating angle and design, I could look out the window and watch TV with having to twist. Plus the flip out monitor was a nice touch as well. At my seat were some Thunder EVA AIR branded noise calceling headphones as well. But to be honest, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the headphones, very poor and not that much noise cancelling.  My Sony XB950N1 headphones were much better and they are not even “high end.” BUT I suppose that if you had nothing to begin with, these would work just fine.

Also waiting at my seat was the most comfy airline blanket I have ever felt! It was made out of that mirco-whatever fabric and was super soft. I now thinking about it, i wish I would have taken it with me.

And A pair of silk slippers!

The flight attendant then started to serve pre departure drinks and asked If I would like any. YUP! Bring on the bubbly!

Once in the air, onboard dining menus were distributed with included a 3-course meal

As a premeal drink, I selected the EVA AIR special which was called “Passion Island”. It included rum, Cointreau, orange juice, and pineapple juice. The flight attendant said that it was not a good drink at all but when I tried it, it was fantastic! Keep them coming! Haha!

Had to snap some shots of the Singapore harbor as we climbed up to 37,000 ft.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then what does this one say???

When the meal service began, the flight attendants came around with table cloths. My first plate was the teriyaki salmon with pine nuts and a Farro salad. It was pretty damn good for an appetizer. It was served cold which was odd but still good.

Next, I had originally ordered the braised beef short ribs but was told that they had run out which was super disappointing… So instead I got the chicken and potato patty noodle soup which turned out to be quite excellent!

For dessert I got some fruits with a strawberry charlotte and brownie chocolate mousse plate. I liked the fruit but didn’t care too much for the sweets.

Pretty damn good for my first international business class flight I would say!!! It made 4 1/2 hours zip by like it was nothing! Couldn’t wait for the next one for the long haul home!

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