SilverKris Business Lounge Singapore Airport

Before I get into this, I just want to point out that Singapore’s Changi International Airport is pretty much an attraction all itself. The airport includes a FREE all-day movie theater, 180 brands of duty-free shops, rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi, snooze lounges, children playgrounds and an airport garden. You could literally spend the entire day here before catching your flight out.

Located in Terminal 3 of Singapore’s Changi International Airport is the SilverKris Business Lounge, which is open to EVA Airlines Business Class passengers. As stated before in a previous post, lounges are a great place to unwind before, between, and after flights, away from the general public.

After a quick and speedy check-in I entered the lounge which was quite large and empty. Zero complaints here!

I had intentionally skipped out on breakfast so that I could hit up the buffet and it did not disappoint. There were many options to choose from which were your typical Asian dishes such as rice, noodles, and fried goods with a fridge of cold beverages to wash it all down with.

At first I was really craving some noodles but I saw that they had some Asian buffalo wings and I went for those instead with no hesitation. Hey, I am a simple man, I like simple things!

After about 20 of those (No, I am not kidding) I decided to sit back and enjoy the World Cup game since I had plenty of time to kill before boarding my flight on a nice flat screen TV.

It was during the game that out of the corner of my eye I spotted this beauty:

Yup! All you can drink beer on tap! Well, maybe all you can drink is not the best idea. You don’t wanna get so drunk that you miss your flight or end up in airport jail right??? The lounge has a full self-service bar with a pretty good verity of booze. Chicken wings, beer and sports… I think I am set!

It was at about halftime that I decided to get up and walk around the lounge to do some exploring before it was time to board my flight home. I came across some pretty nice eating tables and views of terminal 3 from above

The bathrooms were pretty nice as well and included private showers, and a butler on hand with toothbrushes, razors and shaving cream and towels. I was going to snap of pics of it but I thought it would be pretty weird to be taking pictures inside of a bathroom with other people in it. But hey, if you have time to burn, this sure is the place to do it! 🍗

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