EVA AIR Star Lounge Taipei Airport

After a quick 4 1/2 hour flight from Singapore, I had arrived in Taipei for a short 1 hour layover before stating my long stretch back home. Even though I was pressed for time, I still wanted to check out the lounge that was included with my upcoming business class flight which is the EVA AIR Star Lounge at Taoyuan International Airport. Located on the second floor of Terminal 2 and about a 10 minute walk to my gate, The Star lounge check-in was quick and effortless since there was no queue.

As soon as you enter the lounge, there’s a long hallway that leads to the main lounge area. On the left of that hall there are restrooms and such for those that need to freshen up between transit.

Once in the main lounge, the area opens to a variety of seats and tables in front of TVs which had the World Cup games on.

I then decided to check out the food area and see what they had going on. They had a pretty small setup but still a nice variety of food choices. Most of what they had to serve were you typical Asian dishes and of course drinks and alcohol.

Unfortunately I was still pretty stuffed from my meal service on my previous flight so I was not hungry enough to try any of the food that they has to offer, but I just couldn’t pass on some ice cream. Chocolate chip, one of my favorites!

Like I said, I didn’t have too much time to stay and really explore since I was on a short layover. Plus I wanted to get to my gate on time so that I could get a good spot in line. But it was a pretty nice lounge for the time that I was there!

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