EVA Airlines Business Class Taipei – San Francisco

After I left The Star lounge, I proceeded straight to my departure gate to begin my long 12 hour flight to San Francisco on a EVA AIR business class flight aboard a Boeing 777-300ER. When I arrived at my gate, I was quite surprised at the VERY long line that was queued for business class boarding. There where probably 50 people ahead of me which made zero sense since there are only 28 business seats on this flight (I think). I think what happened was that everyone just lined up wherever and the people at the gate didn’t even bother to check the boarding class. On top of that , I had the dreaded “SSSS” stamp on my boarding pass. For those of you who don’t know what that means, if you have a “SSSS” on your boarding pass, it means that you have been selected for additional screening. This usually is just a quick check of your carry-on items, passport, and a bunch of stupid ass questions depending on where you are flying out of. But Mostly just a quick few minute process though. So by the time I was finally inside the plane, the cabin was almost full. No first-one on the plane this time around.


I was seated in row 3 which was identical to my previous flight but this time I was on the right side of the plane instead of the left. And as you can see, almost everyone has boarded.

This time around however I had a few new things waiting for me at my seat.

EVA AIR supplied their business class passengers with an amenity kit for the flight which had a bunch of goodies. I am guessing I didn’t get one on the previous flight since it was only a few hours long and this flight was going to be a 12 hour red-eye. The kit included hand and face lotions, ear plugs, a comb, toothbrush with toothpaste, a lens cloth, and some socks inside of a hard zip up case. Nice!

Also came with a pair of pajamas! Haha, pajamas!

As I said earlier, the seat was identical to my previous flight, lots of leg room, buttons, and a seat that reclines into a bed. I do appreciate all of these storage compartments that these seats have, it saves me the effort from having to keep getting up and into the overhead bins to grab something. I then kicked up my feet and started to watch the movie Red Sparrow which turned out to be pretty good.

The flight attendant then came around and introduced her self to me. She really struggled to pronounce my last name so I just told her to call me by my first name. So the rest of the flight I was known as “Mr.Steve” hahaha.  She then asked if I would like any pre departure drinks and of course I said “YUP!” My drink was then brought to me which also came with a Godiva chocolate and a hot moist cloth to wipe your face (I guess?). When she returned with my glass of bubbly, she then handed me the dinner menu for the flight which was a lot more than the previous flight. 7 course meal?!?! Holy shit, I am definitely loving this business class stuff! Shortly after we started our flight to San Francisco.

About 30 minutes into our flight, dinner service began. The first dish was red capsicum jelly with tomato and asparagus tartlet, along with goose liver mousse. I also decided to order another drink because….Why not? From the drink menu I ordered the EVA AIR Evergreen Special which consisted of melon liquor, vodka, and sprite. Like my previous flight attendant, she advised me that the drink special was not good and suggested that I get something else but hey, gotta try everything at least once right? Well, she was right, tasted horrible haha. As for the first dish, I didn’t care for it at all. It looks like something you would see at a fancy restaurant and goes for $500 a plate. Plus on top of it all, it was completely tasteless. Thumbs down.

Next up was some assorted bread and butter with balsamic vinaigrette. There were a few different breads to choose from but I just settled with just one roll since I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for the main dish.

I was then brought  a bowl of white asparagus soup with truffle cream which was pretty good. It was luke warm so it made me wonder if it had just been sitting in the kitchen before it was brought to me. Right after came a plate of some marinated prawn Cajun spiced shrimp scallops and orange duck terrine, but sent it right back since I have a shellfish allergy so no pictures for that one.

The next following plate was just a simple garden vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing.

Then came the main dish which was a grilled USDA prime beef fillet with red wine sauce, mixed vegetables, and gratin red skin potatoes with bacon. Yeah buddy, it was just as good as it looked. I wasn’t asked how I liked my meat cooked but it came just how I liked it which is medium rare, this one definitely hit the spot!

And to finish it all off with some desert, some Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream.

Overall I was very impressed with the meal service for this flight, definitely an upgrade from the economy class seat food. By the time I finished, I was about to hit a food coma so I decided to finish up my movie and turn in for the flight.

Apart from dosing in and out from the movie, I decided to go ahead and switch into the pajamas that were provided to me but didn’t even think to take a picture…. Sorry guys, no pajama pics this time around. To be honest, I didn’t find them that comfortable anyways. I settled for a medium and it ended up being tight around the arms so I kept the pants and switched into a regular t-shirt.

As I settled into my bed-seat, there was a family across from me that had two little girls sitting behind the parents. I only bring this up because the mom kept getting up and sitting on the arm rest while the youngest daughter slept. I found it rather annoying because she made a ruckus of noise every time she got up…..For 12 hours. Maybe it’s because I am not a parent but I fail to see what the point of it all was. The little girl was completely asleep while mom just sat on the armrest being a complete inconsiderate ass while doing it. But that’s traveling for ya, you don’t get to pick who sits next to you. Oh well, at least I got to stare at the ceiling that looked like stars for 12 hours……..lol.

I ended up getting about 5-6 hours of sleep before we started out decent into San Francisco area. About 30 minutes before landing we were served breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and orange juice. Maybe it’s because I kept getting woken up during the night, but I forgot to take pictures of breakfast too. Sorry again, but it was pretty good!

Overall I quite enjoyed this flight, it had great service along with great food. I will try to remember to take pictures the next time around.

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