American Airlines Flagship Lounge Chicago

After a very boring and uneventful flight which really only consisted of a very large man (or bear) snoring the entire night, I arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Located on the second floor of terminal 3 is the American Airlines Flagship Lounge.

After I exited the elevator, I was greeted by a very nice door woman who directed me to the check-in desk. At the desk I was asked to show my boarding pass to confirm my admission to the lounge, which I had on my phone because I have the American Airlines app. But when I opened up my app my heart dropped… My flight had just been canceled.

You see, I had a very long trip with multiple stops before reaching my final destination that had me flying to Dallas before flying internationally. But for some reason this year, EVERY trip that I have been on has either been delayed or canceled flight. Just my luck…

The concierge who could tell that I was disappointed looked at my itinerary and told me to hold on to see what she could do. About 5 minutes later, she told me that she was able to not only rebook my flight to my final destination, but give me a direct flight from Chicago with no connections! Crisis averted! But more on this in my next post.

After checking in, my concierge was kind enough to give me a tour of the lounge since it was my first time. This is by far the biggest/nicest lounge of my travels so far! Being the first and only one here since they had just opened when I arrived, they were still setting everything up.

Pretty big dining area as you can see with plenty seats and a big room with televisions.

Pretty large spread of food that consisted of breakfast items such and eggs, bacon, toast etc etc. They even had someone on staff to make fresh to order omelettes!

Sure do love some bacon and sausage!

This was a legit breakfast! So many times I’ve had breakfast in a lounge or hotel and the eggs were runny, or the sausages were really just hotdogs. Not here, even the orange juice was on point.

And of course the refreshments, they even had one of those Coke machines that have like 50 different flavors of coke products.

Quite the selection of liquor from the open bar for the choosing.

This made me giggle a little bit, they had champagne bottles on deck… for breakfast. If drinking some bub at 5AM is your thing, they got you covered.

And of course they have your bottled goods as well. I sure do love me some blue moon, but they also had a nice selection of imported stuff as well.

Feel like having a Bloody Mary? Got ya covered. Even got instructions to help you out if needed.

Then I found this room in the back of the lounge which they labeled “The Quiet Room”. Perfect for someone who didn’t get any sleep the night before because he was seated next to a snoring man. I got a great power nap in without being bothered.

Nothing to really do with the lounge, just a dope picture I want in my living room.

A few hours later I decided to take a shower to freshen up since the provided rooms in which you could do so that were fully equipped.

Very impressed. The lounge was kept very clean during my time here and stocked with all the goodies that a avid world traveler (such as myself) could hope for.

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