Airspace Lounge San Diego

A little bit of an oldie, but still a goodie. Just wanted to share my experience.

Located in terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport is the Airspace Lounge. Since the first flight of this leg was a first class flight on American Airlines, I was granted entry into the lounge. Definitely one of the smaller lounges that I have visited, but it was nice to get away from the main terminal that was overcrowded.

Oddly, the only “free” food in this lounge were some fruits, cookies, coffee and sodas. If you wanted an actual meal or alcohol , you had to purchase it.

Not the most exciting lounge but it had WiFi so I ended up spending most of my time streaming movies to pass the time. After some time I decided to get up and do some walking around the terminal to burn up some time before my flight. As I got up, a family of four who were about to leave approached me and asked if I wanted a pre-paid lounge card with $40 on it since they were about to catch a flight. I gladly excepted it and thanked them for their kindness. In a world of rude and inconsiderate travelers, It’s good to see that there are still kind people out there.

I decided to buy a quick meal before heading to my gate. I settled for a chicken salad wrap with mayo and a spinach tortilla with potato chips, tasted a lot like a tuna fish sandwich really.

I also went with a Moscow Mule which was pretty good too. Vodka, ginger beer, angostura bitters and lime juice in a traditional copper mug.

I ended up with $22 left on the card and I couldn’t stop thinking about that random act of kindness. I decided to walk up to a random passenger and pass it along. He was pretty ecstatic as well, haha. If you wanna see good in the world, you gotta lead by example 🌏

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