Mōmō Paradise Kabukicho

Located in the heart of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is Mōmō Paradise Kabukicho. Mōmō Paradise Kabukicho is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in a nabemono hotpot dish called “Shabu-Shabu”. The dish consists of a large bowl or pot that has “dashi” (Japanese Broth/Stock) that is brought to a boil.

The term Shabu-Shabu comes from the splashing noise one makes while adding the vegetables and meats to the pot. The vegetables added to the pot usually consist of tofu, cabbage, seaweed, onions, carrots, mushrooms, sprouts and sometimes noodles.

Depending on what you order, the meat selection is then brought out to you in which we chose Japanese beef. But some versions use crab, pork, lobster, chicken, and so on. The beef is sliced to very thin pieces so that it can cook quickly depending on how you like your meat.

And lucky for us, It was unlimited beef and drinks! Hey, this is my kind of restaurant!

Basically what you do is grab a slice of meat and put it into the pot. Again, depending on how you like your meat prepared, cooking a slice takes about 15 seconds or so. After its cooked you pullout your meat (and vegetables if you like) and enjoy.


After the meat is cooked, you can choose to eat it as is or dip it into a selections of sauces such as Ponzu, which is a soy sauce based dip or Goma which is a sesame sauce. Add in a bowl of white rice and I was set! by the end of it all we finished off dozens of meat trays and were set for the night. It was a very delicious dish that I highly recommend and would try again in a heartbeat!

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