A short a quickie post.

Located 2 metro stops from Kyoto station is First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma capsule hotel. A capsule hotel (or pod hotel) is a common type of hotel in Japan that features small individual rooms ment to provide cheap lodging for travelers. First Cabin is more like a luxury type of capsule hotel due to the large rooms instead of pods that they offer.

The Pods include your basic needs as such: Bed, pajamas, AC, TV, WiFi and such.

The entire hotel is set up like a hostel where the living quarters are shared amongst the other guests with only a curtain separating you from the rest of the dorm. They also have the rooms segergated between both males and females, all the men are on one floor, all the women on another. The bed frame itself is a storage locker so you can keep all your luggage and belongings safe while you are out and about during the day. The hotel also includes a shared but private bathrooms, as well as a shared common lounge area with a bar and snacks. During my stay however, I didn’t see too many other travelers use these areas or the hotel for that matter.

Out floor consisted of about 30 or so pods but was completely empty for the nights that we stayed so it was just 3 travel friends and myself for all this area. It was my first time in such a hotel, quite the different experience but still a great stay!

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