Waldorf Astoria Panama

It’s been awhile since my last post, (a very long time to be honest) but I am now back into the grove and ready for some more adventures!

Last night I arrived in Panamá City and I am currently staying at The Waldorf Astoria Panama hotel located in Panama City. Part of the Hilton hotel brand, the Waldorf Astoria is a luxury hotel brand that has 30+ hotels located all over the world.

After entering through the main doors, I stepped into the main lobby which was quite spacious and empty since I arrived around 10:30 PM.

Once inside, I was greeted by the doorman and escorted to the front desk concierge for checkin in which a was given a welcoming beverage. Not entirely sure what it was but it was fruity and delicious

I was then told that I have been upgraded to a junior king suite, which was great because who doesn’t like free upgrades right?

After I collected my room key I headed to the elevator so I could make my way to my room which was located on the ninth floor. What made this even better was that once the elevator doors opened, my room was right in front of me. No long hallway walks for me!

Once inside, I decided to checkout the goods before I headed out for a late night dinner.

It was quite a spacious room I would say, especially for just one person but you won’t hear any complaints from over here! The room included a working desk, spacious bathroom, and mini fridge with snacks as well.

After dropping off my stuff, I decided to go ahead and grab some food before turning in for the night. The hotel has a onsite restaurant called Brio Brassiere which was a few floors above me so I decided to just grab something close instead of wandering out. As you can see, it was completely empty but that’s because it was so late. My meal however was quite delicious if I must say, but unfortunately i didn’t write down the name of the actual plate. It was some type of egg, ham, and melted cheese sandwich served with French fries.

After my meal I was officially spent and decided to call it a night. The next morning I awoke early so that I could hit the morning buffet and it didn’t disappoint.

After breakfast, I decided to go ahead and check out a little bit early so that I could go take a look around the city before my tour began. Overall, it was a good stay to relax before starting my new adventure here in Panama!

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