Until The End Of Time

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” — Mark Twain

Waterfalls in New Zealand

Whenever I am out with friends or family, I am usually approached with questions about my travels. It usually begins with a comment about my latest destination, or an inquiry about a future one. When I get these, my face usually lights up like a Christmas tree since as you all may know by now, traveling is a deep passion of mine. I would eagerly open up my cell phone as I would swipe endlessly through what would seem a eternity of pictures to describe what captured my heart at that very moment. But this time… This time I was completely taken off guard.

“Steve, why haven’t you updated your blog? Your last post is dated from last year!”

As I searched deep into the recess of my mind, I couldn’t come up with an answer…

“I….. I don’t know.”

Even today as I ponder the thought, I still don’t have a answer. Why haven’t I posted in such a long time? Did I forget to submit the posts that I have already wrote? Did I lose interest? Do I have writers block? Maybe I didn’t have the time? Perhaps I didn’t like what I have to offer? Or maybe its just a little bit of all the above.

The truth is I would like to tell myself I just don’t have the time. That I am “always busy” or “need to finish up” something else. But the truth is that it’s all an excuse. After all, time is the most important currency we have. Its worth is solely dependent on what you choose to spend it on.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

During a recent visit trip to Panama City, I can remember sitting in my hotel (which I reviewed in a previous post) wanting to do absolutely nothing. Not walk around town, not go to the pool, not even watch TV. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And I did just that.

I just felt burnt out.

I kept telling myself that I could always write a post on the flight back home but it never happened, and as you will read, its an opportunity that I thought was forever gone.

Whitsunday Beach in Australia

I woke up the other day to get ready for work just like any other day and I noticed that my phone alarm didn’t go off. When I grabbed it off the table top near my bed, I noticed that the back of the phone was really hot and that the screen was stuck on the Apple logo. In a fit of frustration I tried to reboot it, plug it in, and even sync it to my computer in order to try and fix it but all attempts were unsuccessful. I thought maybe in one last ditch attempt I would take it to the Apple store in hopes that it could be fixed but alas, the feeling of despair began to set it. My phone was dead… Completely dead.

That was one of the longest drives home because I knew from the moment that I left the Apple store that I didn’t have any of my photos backed up on my computer for any of my recent trips. And sure enough, yep, all gone.
I could help to think that if I just didn’t procrastinate with my trip posts, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I was absolutely devastated.

It wasn’t until about a month later when I open up my photos album on my MacBook, all of my photos were there! I thought to myself, but how??? I haven’t synced my phone to my laptop in over a year, how did they get there? It was upon some investigating that I found out every time I plugged my phone into an outlet to charge, my pictures were saved to my iCloud Photo albums.

Me and a Alpaca in New Zealand

The feeling of getting something back that you thought that you forever lost is unreal, haha. Stay tuned, Lots of good things coming up!

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