Mt. Kilimanjaro – Day 2

Another early morning as we started to make our way up to the next camp. Today we headed up from Machame Camp to Shira Camp in which we will gain a little bit over 3,000 ft ( 914m ) in elevation.


This morning was quite rough for me since I didn’t really get any sleep in. I just couldn’t get comfortable enough, plus it didn’t really help that my sleeping bag was complete shit as well. In hopes to save as much space in my luggage as possible, I decided to rent a sleeping bag for this trip instead of bringing one. I didn’t want to check my bags because I read on other blogs that lost luggage in Africa is quite notorious when having connecting flights so I didn’t want to risk it. I brought a thermal bag liner with me in hopes that I would stay warm during the nights but the actual bag itself was just crap, it couldn’t insulate heat for shit. The take away from this? Bring your own sleeping bag.

When we gathered in the mess tent for breakfast, one of my fellow travelers in my group complained that water leaked into her tent during the night. I guess I wasn’t the only one with equipment issues. Other than that, I was quite thrilled to wake up this morning and see that the skies had cleared up quite well.

After breakfast, we gathered all of our equipment and water bottles and headed out for the day to make way to the next camp. Once on the trail, everything was smooth sailing. There where some parts that were difficult to climb but for the most part of the day it wasn’t hard at all. To be honest, I thought that day one was more difficult than two since the total length of the day was shorter.

Besides with views like this, who would complain? Once above the clouds, all of Africa opened up in amazing beauty.

Since both hikers and porters were making their way up the mountain at the same time, the trail got crowded at times. This however presented no real issue since everybody was going the same way and the general rule was if someone wanted to pass you, you just stand out of their way. For the most part, the other travelers on the trail were quite friendly. I mean after all, we were all here to accomplish the same goal right?

Still can’t get past these views. It was like this almost the entire trek.

After a little bit over 5 hours of hiking we reached Shira Camp. Once we arrived, we had about a 30 minute rest to use the toilet and drop off our day packs because our group leader wanted to take us on a little side tour to the Shira Caves.


The Shira Caves are about a 10-15 minute hike out of camp to where the guides/porters used to sleep a few decades ago. The camp use to be exclusively for trekkers back then but there was a cave-in so it was changed to allow everyone to stay on the camp grounds.

Just behind the caves was a mound where we sat to enjoy the views from south side of Kilimanjaro.

We then headed back to camp to have some dinner but were greeted by our porters to end this day off properly.

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