FEELLE Solar Charger Battery Bank

Today we are going to take little detour from our ongoing adventure to give a quick review on a travel accessory that I used on this trip. Since I was going to be without power for about a week, I decided to search across the internet to find some ideas that could help me keep my electronics (camera, watch, phone, ect.) charged during the trek. I found a few other blogs from other trekkers that recommended using a solar charger battery bank and I decided to give it a try.

I found this model on Amazon and decided to go with it since it was relatively cheap ($35) and had a 4 1/2 star review rating.

The design itself is very nice which includes 3 solar panels that you can fold into a sleek small form that can fit into small tight areas. It also includes a bright flashlight on the backside which was great when I needed to get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason. Also of course, being able to charge my electronics whenever I wanted without needing an outlet was great as well.

Unfortunately while I think something like this is a great to have, this particular model wasn’t so great. It worked great charging my stuff BUT struggled charging itself. I started this trek with a full power bank and as the days went on, it started to become empty. Throughout the trek on our lunch breaks, bathroom stops, or even just clipping it on the back of my day pack, I would try to harvest some of that solar energy every chance that I could get. However, no matter what I did I could never get it to recharge using the sun. Even when the trek was over, I placed in my hotel window for the entire day and it only charged about 1/4 of the battery. Also while this was very minor, it has some weight to it. Granted its a battery pack and most do have weight to them, this could be bothersome to some people.

Now granted this was a $35 electronic and I should have spent a little more for something better, I was skeptic bringing something like this on a 7 day trek. The concept of having one is great but if you are interested in a charger for traveling, I recommend spending a little more for something with some quality.

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